About the Chef

Chef? I’m not sure if I’ve earned that title officially… I never went to culinary school (although it was heavily considered), but I spent about 5 years on the line doing everything from salads and desserts to steaks and pastas. Deaf? That’s a bit of a lie, although spending 8 years in a multitude of bands has taken a toll on my ear drums fo’sho. Jeff? ‘Tis my name… don’t wear it out.

After putting myself through school as a line cook for 4 1/2 years, I finally earned my degree in political science and decided I needed to do  something with it. Somehow, I ended up getting into grad school for public relations, and as part of one of my course requirements am exposing myself in the world of social and digital media. It’s been a lot to take in for someone who never strayed away from facebook – and I can guarantee you I’m no pro. Some of my blog posts may be faulty; some of my opinions a little too-opiniony… but I can definitely say that this feels like a fresh start – and for chefs, fresh is always tasty, baby!


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