What To Do In Montreal!

An ongoing list of things you HAVE to do in Montreal. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to eat at L’Avenue, Bronwen – I’m going back in the summer though so definitely then! Also, if any of you have any other must-do, must-see or must-eat places in Montreal or Quebec City, be sure to comment below or on the YouTube page!


About jeffph

After putting myself through school as a line cook for 4 1/2 years, I finally earned my degree in political science and decided I needed to do something with it. Somehow, I ended up getting into grad school for public relations, and as part of one of my course requirements am exposing myself in the world of social and digital media. It feels like a fresh start - and for chefs, fresh is always tasty!
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One Response to What To Do In Montreal!

  1. Ben says:

    Haha! Well done Jeffy! Keep on doing those video blogs man. They work well for you. You keep them entertaining.

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